Donnez votre avis sur cette ammonite

erik : () ( 06/11/2007 à 20:44 )
Probably it's M.gracilis(M)neotype(SPATH)-[Thierry,Mangold,Cariou,Enay.1997,pl.19,fig.7a,b.Thierry,Tarkowski,Mangold,Marchand.1996).
Hervé : () ( 06/11/2007 à 21:09 )
Are you studying Macrocephalitids particularly?
I have approx. more than 10 other specimens not identified yet, unfortunately with no precise stratigraphy.
erik : () ( 07/11/2007 à 16:40 )
I interested Callovian stage,Macrocephalids particularly.
I can identified,Your Macrocephalites.Send me picture this ammonites,
they sections,biomethric date(diameter, height and width section,umbilicus diameter,number
primary and secondary ribbs per whorls)and stratigrphy position or accompanig ammonites faunal.

MY MAIL-<erased>


Hervé : () ( 08/11/2007 à 11:37 )
Thank you.
It will take time (from weeks to months) because I have many other things to do.
Don't worry, I erased your e-mail to avoid spam, but kept it for me.
erik : () ( 08/11/2007 à 16:54 )
OK!I'll be waiting.


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